A Over-valued Product, KOF XIV Premium Edition Shot and Analysis

by Gamepoch 2016-12-02 13:33:52

A costume card

At first, KOF XIV premium edition of China contains China limited contents, IORI YAGAMI classic costume DLC verification code

Players can get IORI YAGAMI classic costume by following the tips on the back of the card. And this card also has another important use.

Players can use their own verification code to register in the KOF XIV official website: KOF.gamepoch.com.

After the authentication is passed, all later costume DLC will be free for those players who was already pass the authentication.

(Click the link on the home page)

(Input the required information, click confirm and waiting for verification)

(Verification passed! Get free costume from now on.)


In order to show the color and texture perfectly, we used the most sophisticated film covering technology.

For achieving the naked eye 3D effects, we used multilayer printing to make sense of hierarchy.

It includes visual effects as well as another technique on arms, embossed printing.

KOF XIV Art book

The art book printed with full-color printing, and used quality paper to ensure the quality of binding.

(what does Iori Yagami wear under the coat?)

(Chinese-Japanese bilingual)


Other centerpieces:

Steelbook interior design: 4-disc blue-ray with tray.


Purchase address of KOF XIV Premium Edition in China store:




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