Anchored in China and keep the whole world in view ——Gamepoch appeared in PlayStation@China Publisher Developer Meeting

by Gamepoch 2016-10-24 13:27:15

In October 24th, SONY launched PlayStation@ China Publisher & Developer Meeting in Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel . During the meeting, SONY showed the developing process and excellent achievement of the Asian-Pacific region especially China.


   In this meeting, after announcing that China has won the best appointment grade of PS VR Asia-pacific region and will fully introduce overseas first-class game into China, Sony announced that Gamepoch “star singularity alliance” officially launched.


PS VR Asia pre-sale point which SONY officially licensed

As the latest main product of SONY, all eyes are fixed on trans-era product PS VR form pre-sale period.


In the summer of 2016, as one of the pre-sale point which got the earliest official authorization, Gamepoch Set up ” Star Game, New Experience PS VR Experience meeting” in Shanghai Global Harbor.


In the experience Museum, Gamepoch Combined experience with pre-sale, allow the experiencer to fully feel the charm of VR and complete the VR pre-sale activities successfully.


An excellent game service provider that keep the whole world in view

   As an important partner of Sony in China, Gamepoch was listed as one of the top three publishers and been introduced emphatically in the meeting. At present, SONY's main work is to develop overseas boutique masterpiece into Chinese Market. Oda Hirono, executive vice president of SONY interactive entertainment Japan, whom did a detailed explanation by using Gamepoch issued “KOF14” Chinese licensed version as an example on this point. It can be said that this is based on the "KOF14" sales of Chinese licensed version and the previous cases of outstanding issues. Meanwhile, it’s the high recognition of Gamepoch's performance.


Each game published by Gamepoch will be customized a perfect and efficient development plan. The promotion and development of “KOF14” Chinese licensed version breaks the tradition and take “the Esport against the game” mode . With the rapid development of Chinese esport to make the game's release more influential.


The beginning of “Star Singularity”

Da Takehito, President of SONY interactive entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, officially announced the establishment of “star singularity alliance”.


Offline store is one of the most closely way to combined with players. “Star singularity alliance” was set as a trinity comprehensive mode of "experience, competitive and shopping" to maximize the players’ feeling of the fun in games when the “star singularity” project was in progress. Gamepoch plans to expand various size of SONY PS4 and PSVR Game Café in the future, in order to expands the scale of “Star singularity alliance”. To makes the offline alliance become stronger and makes more players feel the charm of video game throughout the country.

Anchored in China and keep the whole world in view. Gamepoch keeps looking for high-quality co-operation in the industry, fulfilling excellent win-win situation, developing outside industry co-operation, and expanding service business.

Gamepoch will stick to building the high-quality game platform and delicate publishing, based on huge potential of Chinese game market, leading the import of excellent console game into China and even Asia with both abroad and domestic. We focus on console game service, directing people to share the getting-together, health and positivity of the games to make a new breakthrough for Chinese game market to be more family oriented and interactive.


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