Galak-Z is a two-dimensional sci-fi shooter video game with roguelike elements. The game's levels are generated uniquely for each playthrough and are connected as an endless dungeon. The levels include spawners for enemies and traps.

Press Reviews:

“There are a thousand little points of tension beyond the "die and restart" loop, and that's what helps GALAK-Z stand comfortably among the best roguelikes ever created.” 90 – Polygon “GALAK-Z's controls are smartly designed and responsive, which is crucial in a game like this. What really pushes it to the next level is the tremendous amount of detail put into the enemy design and the combat. It has a steep learning curve, but mastering it is an extremely rewarding experience.”

Cinque Terre

Game name:Galak-Z

Game Developer:17-Bit

Game publisher:Gamepoch


Cinque Terre


Rich game content

Game volume is not large



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