Locksley doesn't kill. That would be far too easy. Instead, he commits his crimes through stealth. Sneaking, distracting, avoiding. He is never seen, and seldom heard. As he grows in popularity and notoriety, so will his inventory. An arsenal of gadgets await discovery in a quest to rob from the rich and give to the unheard.

A hundred challenging and exciting levels lie ahead, but that is only the beginning of the Volume. The community are free to build their own challenges, even releasing their own takes on the core levels. Volume will evolve, warp and grow as players make their mark on Locksley's legend.

Volume is a near-future retelling of the Robin Hood legend, starring Danny Wallace (Thomas Was Alone), Charlie McDonnell and award-winning, critically-acclaimed actor Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings, Planet of the Apes) as Gisborne.

Steam Evaluate

This is a small, independent games, continuously playing along with the DLC 4 hours to clear customs there. It has historical significance in science and education of the game is mainly about a real-life in the special environment of an ancient race, is how to survive in the harsh to its complex nature of a story contains the author Chong feelings of love, fear of this ancient race. Also conveys an idea, regardless of how much is in the tough environment, as long as there is a loving reverence for nature as well as a positive and optimistic hope for the future of the heart, we will be able to find their own piece of heaven and Earth.

Cinque Terre

Game name:VOLUME

Game Developer:Bithell Games

Game publisher:Gamepoch

Platform:PS4 PSV PSVR

Cinque Terre


Brilliant level design, hilarious puzzles and motivating freedom in Volume will convince you that plundering without harming anybody is still great fun.